GSO Test

GSO Test

Thorntree News &Events 2021-2022

On Thursday 4th September we welcomed back all our pupils.

During the week of 6th September we held Meet the Teacher sessions for parents and carers of children in all years.

On Thursday 16th September Year 6 held their first class assembly of the year. Parents and carers came in to witness some of the work and singing being done by Year 6.

On Friday 17th September our Computing Club began, children re-started The Daily Mile and it was Jeans for Genes Day. We raised over £122.

On Tuesday 21st September, Chicken Wired came in to work with Year 5. The children created sculptures made out of chicken wire and then added colour to them using various mediums. There were some amazing artistic creations.

On Thursday 23rd September, Year 5 held their first class assembly of the year.

On Thursday 30th September, Year 4 held their first class assembly of the year.

On Wednesday 6th October Year 1 went on a walk around our local area to tie in with their geography topic.

On Saturday 9th October a group of staff and parents came in to tackle the vegetation that was growing from our woods through the fence. They worked really hard and got it all under control... with the help of some tea and bacon butties to spur them on.

On Wednesday 13th October Year 1 visited St Thomas' Church.

On Monday 18th October , Year 6 travelled to the London Buddhist Center in Bethnall Green as their topic this term was Budhism. They listened to an explanation of the origins and ethos of Budhism before having a short, secular meditation session.