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September 2020 - July 2021

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Please find the updated Risk Assessment and Planning Document here

Please click on the link below to read Ms Walker's letter with information about the re-opening of the school on Monday 8th March 2021.

Ms Walker's letter - re-opening the school


Please click on the image below for a quick guide to Remote Learning at Thorntree



Please click on the image below for a quick guide for Continuing to Learning Remotely


We are really looking forward to be welcoming you all back in to school on Friday 4th September. We have missed you. Recently, we have been busy preparing the school for your safe return. Please read on below for more information.

Firstly, please click on the link below to read the "welcome back" letter for all parents from Councillor Danny Thorpe:

Councillor Danny Thorpe's Letter to Parents

Miss Walker's letter below explains in detail the new procedures that have been put in place. 

Miss Walker's Letter to Parents - returning to school

September 2020 returning to School Risk Assessment

Class Bubbles & Timetables

All classes have been placed into a bubble grouping to avoid everyone arriving and leaving at the same time. Adults will still need to use the yellow painted markers (on the pavement outside the school) to ensure distancing is maintained when dropping children off in the mornings. Adults will leave children at the gates and will then need to leave as swiftly as possible, before the next bubble arrives. Your children will be collected from the gate.

Adults will not need to enter the school premises. Please phone the School Office or email the SAO  on and we will help you out with any questions or appointments that may be needed.

The bubble groupings are as follows, along with their different timetables. Please take a close look for your child's class details.

BUBBLE 1:  Nursery and Reception

Nursery (9th September phased return) - self-contained in the Nursery building

     8.45am - 11.45am   morning session

     12.45 - 3.45pm   afternoon session

Reception (returning on 14th September) 

     Arrival: 9.15am via Reception playground gate (near the main school entrance)

     Lunch: 11.30am then play outside 12.00-12.30pm (front playground)

     End of day: 3pm from the Reception playground gate


BUBBLE 2:  Year 1 and Year 2  (returning Friday 4th September)

     Arrival: 9.05am - front playground - top side gate to the Yr1 & Yr2 outside areas for hand washing in classrooms

     Break: 10.30 - 10.45pm  (lower playground)

     Lunch: 12.00 - 12.30pm (in classrooms) then play outside 12.30-1pm (lower playground)

     End of day: 3.15pm through front entrance


BUBBLE 3:  Year 3 and Year 4  (returning Friday 4th September)

     Arrival: 8.55am - come through top gate into school - hand sanitiser or wash hands in medical room then walk down corridor to Year 3 & 4 classrooms

     Break: 10.30 - 10.45pm  (top playground)

     Lunch: 12.15 - 12.45pm (in classrooms) then play outside 12.45-1.15pm (top playground)

     End of day: 3.30pm through front entrance


BUBBLE 4:  Year 5 and Year 6  (returning Friday 4th September)

     Arrival: 8.55am - via lower playground - handwashing in downstairs toilets and/or hand sanitiser at entrance to school

     Break: 10.45 - 11pm  (sports cage & field)

     Lunch: 12.30 - 1pm (in classrooms) then play outside 1pm - 1.30pm (sports cage & field)

     End of day: 3.30pm through lower entrance


Please notify us...

Please make us aware of any thing that you think school should know, that might have affected your child or your family over the lockdown period or during the summer, so that we can fully support your children.


Water Bottles

Please send your child in to school with a bottle of fresh, plain water each day.


School Dinner Arrangements

On Friday 4th September and for the first two weeks back, pupils needing school dinners will be provided with sandwiches and fruit. From Monday 21st September hot dinners will resume. Should you wish your child to have school dinners then please pre-pay via the SchoolMoney app.


Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club will resume on 7th September. Please contact Laurita in the Office for more information, should you want to use this service.


After School Club

We are reviewing the situation currently.