GSO Test

GSO Test


At Thorntree we have a music specialist who joins us for one day a week. Our music lessons encourage active involvement in different forms of music-making (singing, listening, percussion, instrumental), both individually and communally.

Additionally children in Y3 and Y4 are given the opportunity to learn an instrument depending on the availability of tuition. Currently Y3 are learning the ukulele and Y4 are given the opportunity to learn the violin. These lessons are paid for by the school. Older children showing aptitude are signposted to the local music centres run by the Borough. Whenever possible children are given the opportunity to see and hear others perform.



Singing plays a large role in school life. During our annual May Day celebrations the whole school comes together to dance and sing. Every Christmas our Junior children hold their Carol Concert at Saint Thomas’, our nearest church. Our Easter and Harvest assemblies/performances feature many modern and traditional songs. Talent contests give the children the opportunity to show their wide-ranging musical abilities. We participate in the Young Voices Concert at the O2 and the nationwide Sing Up day.

Whole school singing at May Day

Music was deemed to be a particular strength of the school in our last Ofsted report.