GSO Test

GSO Test

Year 2 Home Learning Sept 2020


As a school we have revised our remote learning policy should we encounter bubbles and/or individual children having to self-isolate in the coming weeks and months. We want to be able to offer immediate remote education to all children who are unable to attend school.

We want to ensure that clear expectations are communicated to you as to what the children and teachers will do each day.

We want new learning to take place each day, and that there is regular contact between teachers and their classes at the end of the day between 3-3.30pm.

Please read our Continuation of Learning Plan HERE



Here is some work for you to do at home if you’re unable to come to school:



Click on this link to find the current maths lessons that we will be working on in school. You can click on the number week we are on in this term (week 1 started 7/9/20) and then follow the lesson videos and activities to keep up with what we’ll be learning in class.

You can also practise learning your doubles and number bonds to ten and twenty by playing the game in this link:



Reading is so important for all areas of your learning and is also a lot of fun! You should be reading every day at home in you can. There are many great e-books you can read on the Oxford Owl website linked below. You can work out roughly what colour you can have a go at reading by checking what band book you are taking home. The chart below will tell you what colour that is the same as:



This half term in English we have been catching up on the basics and focussing on using capital letters, full stops and question marks in sentences. We have been writing letters and have also written about what makes us and our world special. You can write more about these topics or have a go at some of the great English lessons on the BBC bitesize website.

There is also still free access to the phonics play website where you can work on your phase 3 and 5 sounds by playing all the fun games!



Our topic this half term is Dinosaurs. You could find out some exciting facts about your favourite dinosaur and share them in a mini book, poster or even a power point presentation!

There is lots of fun information on the page below to get you started!


Have fun and stay safe!

Ms Makin and Mrs Ward